The Rise of Tiamat

Greenest in Flames

Episode 1


Heading to the prosperous town of Greenest, The Guardians arrive at the place as night falls, only to find it under assault by Cultists of the Dragon, allied kobolds and mercenaries.

While the raiders focus largely on gathering any items of value – with a particular focus on precious or semi precious metals – the party (somewhat) stealthily finds its way to the central keep.

There, they are able to offer their services in defending against the raiders. First, they capture an enemy officer for interrogation. Next, following a particularly well placed piece of fire magic from Oloster Uoben, they are able to drive off a blue dragon involved in the raid. When tasked to check in on any townsfolk looking to hole up in the local chapel of Chauntea across the town, they are able to infiltrate and bring those refugees back to the keep. In these activities, they are assisted in getting in and out of the Keep without the enemy realising by means of a tunnel revealed by Escobert the Red, Castellan of Greenest.

At the very last moment of bringing the refugees back to the keep, they party are confronted by one of the leaders of the raiders: Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, a half-dragon, who challenges the group to select one of their own to face him in single combat, the promise being that the raiders would leave once the duel was complete, no matter the outcome.

Kevben Glorygem takes up the challenge, landing a serious blow on Landedrosa by means of a potent prayer. The half-dragon responds by blasting the dwarf within an inch of his life with a lightning breath weapon. Langdedrosa leaves Kevben for dead, but the raiders leave town immediately, as promised.

Afterwards, Governor Nighthill praises the party for their efforts and rewards them richly. He further asks them to investigate where the raiders have gone and return with their report.

A young monk in town asks that, when they follow the raiders, they investigate the whereabouts of one Leosin Erlanthar who has gone missing, but who was also investigating the raiders activities.

Key characters

The Guardians
Kevben Glorygem
Saladir Greenleaf
Findar Oredhellen
Leondithas Tuerin
Oloster Uoben

Governor Nighthill
Castellan Escobert
Linan Swift
Langdedrosa Cyanwrath
Frulam Mondath


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