The Rise of Tiamat

Kevben's Journal

Dear Diary,

After the past few weeks I feel that I am starting to understand a bit more how my fellow adventurers act and think. I’m pretty sure the elves don’t think and the rest of us cant decide how to act. What goes on in their minds? They seem spontaneous, and I’ll be a gnome if I can figure out where their personal compass is directing them.

Becoming a part of the Order of the Gauntlet is very beneficial towards me reaching my goals, since for the time being, they seem fairly in line. One evil will always lead to another and it is through this journey that I will face what I seek. In the meantime I am content to watch and learn, whilst trying not to kick against the pricks.

If there is one thing that I would love, it would be a leader. Someone committed to good and to Moradin, who I could follow without needing to always be concerning myself with the consequences of others. Perhaps one day I will find that leader, or if necessary be that leader. But not today, the situation is not that dire yet.

Love, Me.


wingedseraph Hideousbeast

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