The Rise of Tiamat

Raiders' Camp

Episode 2


The Guardians follow the still fresh tracks of the raiders into the wilderness.

Smoke from a campfire give them advance warning of a group of stragglers (cultists and kobolds), whom they corner and dispatch, leaving one of the cultists alive for interrogation.

A lengthy and somewhat botched attempt to intimidate and coerce information about the raiders follows. However, the cultist appears loyal despite his predicament, preferring to challenge and spit at his captors.

Eventually, the half-dead cultist is given the impression that he has been left to die, while a disguised Leondithas Tuerin “happens” upon him and proceeds to help him. The cultist lets slip that a rearguard shouldn’t be too far ahead, giving some information about where they would be secreted, before recognising that he has been duped. The paladin dispatches the cultist, and the group proceed.

At the ambush point of the rearguard, Findar and Saladir scout past the flanks of the location, and then safely lead the group past the threat.

When the Guardians find the raiders’ camp, they see that the cultists and their allies are encamped in sufficient numbers that an assault will do not good. Instead, they pose as cultists and filter through the camp, striving to find out what they can. (See Cult of the Dragon under Player Knowledge for items that were discovered.)

When Findar’s attempts at deception fail with one of the cultists, he ambushes the man in rough wilderness between campfires, hiding the corpse.

Shortly thereafter, the Guardians are seen and recognised by Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, one of the commanders of the camp. They are imprisoned alongside Leosin Erlanthar, a monk that they were asked to locate, who confirms the information they had already determined, but who turns down their help despite being in terrible physical form.

Using a shiv hidden by Leosin, the party is able to get free of their bonds. They then ambush the guards outside, before returning to their place of capture to discover their belongings carefully piled but not yet moved. Rearming themselves, the Guardians stealthily exfiltrate the camp and return to Greenest.

Passing on their findings to Governor Nighthill, he praises them again and decides that the threat to Greenest has passed. He rewards them handsomely.

In the meanwhile, Leosin returns to Greenest, explaining that it occurred to him it might make sense to leave camp after all.

Exhausted, the party takes a much needed rest for several days.


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