Findar Oredhellen

Silver-haired and silver-eyed with pale skin, tall and athletic.


Suggested character approach

Findar was actually raised by wolves.

Findar views the world very similarly to his time with the pack. His companions form his current pack. He has a specific role within that pack – that of a scout and predator.

He views the civilized world with contempt. Indeed, he uses words like “civilized” and “domestic” to describe things that are weak and pointless. He doesn’t bother with such societal things like utensils for food (apart from his dagger as needed), and would prefer to sleep in the wild in his own den than to grow weak in a soft mattress.

His respect and obedience is given to whomever he perceives to be the alpha of the party.

Violence is usually the best answer.

Findar’s simple world splits creatures into predator, prey, and pack. When the pack is threatened, he will offer solutions that include violence: “We should kill it,” or “We should hamstring it,” or “I shall cause it to fear our trail” are the sorts of general responses he would offer. In terms of specifics, he has learned to fight as part of a pack, and so often prefers to hold off on violent responses until the pack is nearby. That said, a predator takes what opportunities are given.

Because of this approach, the party alpha often puts Findar “on” or “off” the leash (metaphorically speaking). Social interaction is something that Findar is typically instructed to keep out of, but there are times when his savage and brutal questions or answers come in very useful.

I have a lesson for every situation, drawn from nature.

These lessons are often unforgiving.

For example:

  • If you let the pain slow you, death will pull you down. (Re: Courage, endurance.)
  • The trees don’t cry when the earth drinks your blood. (Re: Sympathy being pointless.)
  • Those who don’t hunt, don’t eat. (Re: The need to work to get a result.)
  • The eagle doesn’t hunt in the dark. (Re: Playing to your strengths.)

Magic Items

Findar has the following magic items:

  • Stone of Good Luck. This item appears to be a pebble-sized polished agate.

This stone provides a +1 bonus on all saves and ability checks while it is on your person.
It also allows for one reroll per long rest. This reroll must be declared after a roll is made but before the DM declares the result to be a success or failure. REQUIRES ATTUNEMENT.


Findar Oredhellen

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