Frulam Mondath

Female human, short black hair, purple cloak, long coat and trousers.



Greenest in Flames: The Guardians saw Frulam walking through the streets from atop the keep during the raid.

Raiders’ Camp: After being captured and thrown into the prisoner tent with Leosin Erlanthar, it was Frulam who came and interrogated the party. She questioned them one by one, didn’t bother to do so separately, and was quick to be vicious and violent.

Findar was beaten unconscious when his answers annoyed her. Saladir had the top of his right ear cut off when she decided she didn’t trust his answer. When she tired of dealing with them, Frulam ordered that they all be executed the following morning.

Frulam was happened upon in a cavern in the Dragon Hatchery, and was shot down by Findar.


Frulam Mondath

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