Langdedrosa Cyanwrath

Male, blue half-dragon clad in splint mail.


Standing at about seven feet tall and covered in blue scales, this half-dragon is clad in splint mail. His eyes are yellow and black, and curiously cat-like, while his fingers end in wicked claws. His muzzle cannot be described as anything short of draconic, and you note an old scar across his left, scaled cheek. He holds an immense blade in two hands, while a thick-bladed spear juts over his wide shoulders.


Greenest in Flames: Langdedrosa was one of the leaders of the raid on Greenest. He demanded a duel with a member of the Guardians, during which he took a significant magical blow from Kevben Glorygem, before almost killing the dwarf in return.

He kept his word following the duel and led the raiders out of the town immediately.

Raiders’ Camp: Langdedrosa recognised The Guardians during their infiltration of the raiders’ camp, first noticing Saladir Greenleaf, before noting the presence of Kevben Glorygem. It was he who had the party thrown into the prison tent with Leosin Erlanthar.

Dragon Hatchery In a cavern dedicated as a shrine to Tiamat, Langdedrosa and several berserker followers faced off against The Guardians. In the battle that followed, Kevben was almost killed again. Langdedrosa was eventually felled by Saladir.


Langdedrosa Cyanwrath

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