Leosin Erlanthar

Black haired, goateed half-elf in the simple robes and leggings of a monk.



Despite the pointed ears of an elf, with his black goatee none would ever mistake Leosin Erlanthar for anything other than a half-elf. His clothes are the typical loose leggings and basic robe of a monk, designed for comfort but also practicality should the need for self defense arise. His hair and eyes are dark, the former almost black, the latter a deep brown.

When he speaks, his voice is clipped and precise, deep and clear.


Raiders’ Camp: Leosin was captured by the Cultists after trying to infiltrate their ranks. He was interested in understanding their plans. While captured, he determined that that the Cultists were holding dragon eggs for hatching, and that they were hoarding precious metals for some purpose. He tasked The Guardians to return to the raiders’ camp and bring word should the Cultists a) move out on another significant raid, b) move out of camp in a large body or c) move anything substantial out of the camp.

He promised The Guardians 165gp each for this work, and they were to report to the city of Elturel when done to be paid and report in. If Leosin was not in the city, they could instead report to Ontharr Frume – a paladin – instead.

Dragon Hatchery: Breena revealed that she was looking for Leosin during this episode.


Leosin Erlanthar

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