Governor Nighthill

Thick grey hair, a square blocky face, lean and strong. Tarbaw Nighthill dresses in fine clothing befitting his station, but appears to be a man of no-nonsense.



Tarbaw Nighthill has the lines on his face to prove his 60-odd years, but otherwise seems unbowed by time. As governor of a wealthy town, he favours wearing tunics and hose of silk and other fine fabrics, and it is clear that he is lean and strong. He has a military bearing about him, though he prefers to carry only a single dagger on him in times of peace.

His nose is slightly crooked, and when he speaks, occasionally he is accompanied by a slight whistle – perhaps the result of some fight almost forgotten, and a broken nose never set properly or given clerical attention. His eyes are close set, and his grey eyebrows wild and fierce. His jawline and face are blocky.


Greenest in Flames Governor Nighthill oversaw the defense of Greenest, engaging the help of The Guardians.
Raiders’ Camp

Last Known Attitude: Friendly

Because they helped to rescue so many townsfolk and aided in the defense of Greenest, Governor Nighthill is well disposed towards The Guardians.

He considers Kevben to be uncouth and Findar to be a fool.


Governor Nighthill

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