Cult of the Dragon


The Cult is a secret organization that has historically focused on making undead dragons to fulfill a prophecy.

Player knowledge

  • The cultists have been raiding towns and villages along the less populated areas of the Sword Coast recently. The focus appears to have been on looting, with precious and semi-precious metals and gems being the focus.
  • The two leaders that the Guardians have seen to date – Frulam Mondath and Langdedrosa Cyanwrath – both wear purple robes and dragon insignia.
  • Cultists greet each other with a raised hand, the five fingers spread, and sometimes with the index and ring fingers bent, while saying “Praise Tiamat’s glory” or similar.
  • The Cult has some dragon eggs that they are trying to hatch.
  • A blue dragon assisted the Cult during the attack on Greenest.
  • Large numbers of kobolds have been assisting the cult.
  • They are preparing for the return of Tiamat, Queen of Dragons.


Greenest in Flames: The cultists were responsible for the raid on Greenest, and even brought in a blue dragon ally.
Raiders’ Camp: The Guardians infiltrated the Cultist camp near Greenest, discovering many details about their plans and beliefs.

Key Individuals

Frulam Mondath
Langdedrosa Cyanwrath
Unnamed blue dragon

Cult of the Dragon

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