Magic Item Creation

Spellcasters are able to use downtime to create magic items. Magic items require the following before they can be crafted:

  • Meet the minimum level requirement.
  • A knowledge of the process to create the specific item in question.
  • The ability to cast any spell required for the magic item in question, and a spell slot from which to cast said spell on each day that the magic item is being worked on. If the spell requires expensive material components, these costs must be met for each time the spell is cast. (This is in addition to the normal costs of magic item creation.)
  • The cost of the materials, location setup, employment of assistants, and so forth must be met.

Magic Item Rarity Level

The level of rarity of an item relates to its cost.

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Very rare
  • Legendary

Minimum level

To craft a magic item requires meeting the following minimum levels:

  • Common: 3rd
  • Uncommon: 3rd
  • Rare: 6th
  • Very rare: 11th
  • Legendary: 17th

A specific item may require an actual level higher than the guidelines above simply because the spell may not be known until a higher level.

Consumable Items

The most frequently created items are consumable items (typically potions or scrolls).

A consumable magic item is a single use item that provides the effect of a single spell. Classic examples are the potion of healing and a scroll of fireball.

Consumable items cost lest to create than permanent items, and only require one actual casting of the spell required. This means that if there is an expensive material component, that cost only needs to be met once.

A single spellcaster takes one day, working eight hours that day, to create any consumable item. Typically this is only possible in a location that provides a quiet, dedicated space for magic item creation plus access to all the necessary materials (e.g. empty vials, alchemical gear, fine parchment and inks, and the like).

If a spellcaster knows and can cast the spell involved, he or she typically can determine how to create a scroll for that spell.

For potions, some spells simply will not work in potion format (e.g fireball). Where a spell is appropriate for a potion, if the spellcaster knows and can cast the spell involved then it is assumed that he or she can also create a potion for that spell.

General costing of consumables

Apart from expensive material components, the other costs for crafting a consumable item are based on the spell level involved:

  • Common: 50gp x spell level (cantrips count as 1/2 level)
  • Uncommon: 100gp x spell level
  • Rare: 250gp x spell level
  • Very rare: 500gp x spell level
  • Legendary: 1,000gp x spell level

The level of the spell involved determines the rarity, as follows:


  • Cantrip
  • 1st level


  • 2nd level
  • 3rd level


  • 4th level
  • 5th level

Very rare

  • 6th level
  • 7th level
  • 8th level


  • 9th level

Magic Item Creation

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