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Spells with expensive material components

If you want to use a spell that lists a material component with a stated gold piece cost, you must have that component on your person and it is consumed when you cast the spell.

As an example: revivify is a 3rd level cleric spell used to bring someone back from the dead (so long as they died within the past minute). It lists the material component as being “diamonds worth 300gp, which the spell consumes”. If you don’t have the diamonds, the spell doesn’t work.

Level 5

You should have finished levelling up to 5th level in time for the next game.

Key things to be aware of:

  • Proficiency bonuses increase from +2 to +3. This impacts on any check that you are proficient with (i.e. attacks with proficient weapons, proficient saves, proficient skills or tool checks).
  • If you are a spellcaster with cantrips, many cantrips have an increase in damage at 5th level.
  • If you are a “full spellcaster” (eg cleric, wizard), you should gain access to 3rd level spells. You’ll need to think about the spells you are adding and using.
  • If you are a wizard, your spellbook will need to be expanded to include the two new spells you have learned.
  • If you are a half-caster (e.g. ranger, paladin), you should gain access to 2nd level spells. You’ll need to think about the spells you are adding and using.
  • Pure martial classes (e.g. paladin, ranger, monk) gain an extra attack.
  • Look at your class features!
  • Luke Rad: Leo gets the daylight spell 1/long rest due to his race.

I sent some thoughts out to each of you since the last game, spelling out things I would be considering at 5th level (where appropriate), plus things I would have considered at up to 4th level based on your class. Whether you use any of that advice or not is up to you, but it may prove helpful.

Character Development

You’ll often get more out of the game if you have an idea of what kind of a character you are playing.

To get an example of what I’m talking about, I’ve drafted a suggested characterization for Findar (Joe). You don’t need much to be able to work out how your character would respond in many sorts of situations!

Upcoming Matters

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