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This is the central page for our Legendary game. It will provide links to story elements, characters, and other important tidbits.

Character Creation
– Create a 20th level character using the Player’s Handbook. For more details, go here.
– Add magic items (up to 6, 3 of which can be attuned) and/or supernatural abilities (bargain with the DM at the expense of magic items)
– Consider your place in the cosmos. I will post up some information that will help a lot with this, but remember you are at the pinnacle of your powers. You may be the ruler of a substantial realm (or similar political power), or you may choose a more isolated existence in a separate reality. There are many options.
– We’ll come up with some backstory about some of the things you have accomplished.

Characters chosen:
Druid (Moon) – Dale
Cleric (Life) – Martin
Barbarian (Totem) – Joe
Wizard (Evoker) – Luke Richard
Fighter (Champion) – Luke Rad

Possible Bases of Operation

Somewhere in the Outer Planes of the Multiverse, like…

A mountain retreat in Elysium
A fortified embassy in Dis
An enchanted grove in Arborea
An apartment in Sigil (‘The Cage’)
A crag-top castle in Ysgard
A willpower-maintained monastery in Limbo
Within one of the planar Cogs of Mechanus
In a perfectly-run estate in Arcadia
In one of the many Gatetowns of The Outlands

Somewhere among the Inner Planes of the Multiverse, like…

A merchant-prince’s estate in The City of Brass, on the Plane of Fire
The Great Dismal Delve (a labyrinthine mine) on The Plane of Earth
A flying castle on The Plane of Air
The Hospice on the Positive Energy Plane

Planes are discussed here.

You could instead have a demiplane (a finite, relatively small plane of existence) of your own devising accessible through the Ethereal plane (or the Shadow plane/Shadowfell).

The key is that you are powerful, and so you are not likely to live in an apartment above your father’s tanning shop.

Legendary Game HQ

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