The Gates of Hell

The Gates of Hell

by Drenicus the Wise

Excerpt 1 -

Courtiers of Perdition
Duke of Hell – The Dukes of Hell serve directly under a Lord of the Nine. There are 81 Dukes of Hell.

Dukes of Hell include:

  • Abigor, Supreme General of Avernus
  • Malphas, Siege Master of Avernus
  • Caim, Duke of Logic
  • Titivilus, Herald of Dispater
  • Melchom, Duke of Profit
  • Scax, Duke of Riches
  • Carniveau, Duke of Purity
  • Rosier, Duchess of Witchcraft
  • Caarcrinolaas, Duke of Intrigue
  • Dagon, Duke of the Deep
  • Amdusias, Major Domo of Malbolge
  • Aguares, Duke of Earth
  • Rhalik, the Bigot, Duke of Intolerance
  • Surgat, Duke of Secrets
  • Leonar, Chancellor of Cania
  • Murmer, Duke of Philosophy
  • Carreau, the Dissenter, Duke of Apostasy
  • Martinet, Constable of Nessus

Grand Dukes of Hell – Most arch-devils that are part of Hell’s Hierarchy are considered Grand Dukes. While many are nominally independent of any one Perdition and answer directly to The Overlord, they still rank below a Lord of the Nine in overall power while being
considered equivalent to the Heirs of Hell.

Some Arch-Devils are:

  • Adremalech, the Hidden Lord, Chancellor of Hell
  • Eblis, Nemesis of the Heavens, Arch-Devil of Fire
  • Fierana, Lady of Lust, Arch-Devil of Passion
  • Gargauth, the Tenth Lord of the Nine, Arch-Devil of Irony
  • Geryon, Lord of Fraud, Arch-Devil of Duplicity
  • Haagenti, the Dark Dreamer, Arch-Devil of Inspiration
  • Merorem, Prince of the Powers of the Air, Grand Duke of the Ebon Gale, Arch-Devil of Time
  • Moloch, the Twice-Fallen, Arch-Devil of Torment
  • Sammael, the Poison of Perdition, Arch-Devil of Venom
  • Semyaza, the Seducer of Hell, Arch-Devil of Sensuality

Lord-Regents – Technically known as Arch-Dukes, not all Lord-Regents use the sobriquet. Leviathan, for example, refers to himself (and is often referred to as) Prince, and Lilith has been known to use Countess or even Queen. Across the Realities, the Lord-Regents are
best known as the Lords of the Nine or the Lords of Perdition.

The Lords of the Nine (other than Asmodeus – see Royalty) are:

  • Bael, Warlord of Avernus, Lord of the First
  • Dispater, Arch-Duke of Dis, Lord of the Second
  • Mammon, Arch-Duke of Minauros, Lord of the Third
  • Belial, Master of Pains and Suffering, Lord of the Fourth
  • Leviathan, Prince of Stygia, Lord of the Fifth
  • Lilith, Countess of Malbolge, Lord of the Sixth
  • Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, Lord of the Seventh
  • Mephistopheles, Arch-Duke of Cania, Lord of the Eighth

The Overlord – Asmodeus is referred to as The Overlord, although “king” is also technically correct. There is no greater power in Hell, cosmic, divine, or otherwise, than The Overlord.

The Gates of Hell

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